Replacement of Flasher Relay

Earlier this week my signal flashers started to stop working intermittently. It would flash once or twice and then stop; after doing some research i found that my emergency flasher relay needed to be replaced. The emergency flasher relay control the signal flashers.

It took me about 30 minutes to replace the relay, most of the time was trying to figure how to remove the trim and the broken flasher; pictures below….

i didn’t have to but i removed the battery; it made the process slightly easier….the right cup tray and the fog light controls have to be removed…..which are held in by two metal clips each…



the metal clips to be removed are on the top of each side; 2 for each



once the sides are clear, then you have access to the pressure clip that holds the relay in….the only way to remove the relay is to push with your fingers and use a flat head screwdriver to slowly pry the relay out…..once the relay is out then you can easily remove the cable connecting to the relay and swap…



this is picture with the new relay….everything then is push back into place….