new version

today i decided that it was finally time to upgrade to the latest version of wordpress 2.0.4

after spending about a couple of hours backing up my data, which i have over 1.5 GB on the site

it took me only 15 minutes to upgrade and 14 minutes of that was spent uploading the new files.

wordpress made everything extremely easy to upgrade…. love it…

now i am thinking about updating my theme…possibly

Testing – Windows Live Writer

While reading one of my hundreds of daily emails, I can across one from PC Magazine.
This email had an article on Microsoft vs. Google Blog Writers.

Basically MS and Google are competing to see who can develop the better WYSISWYG blog writer. After reading the article, MS was the only one that offered to the ability
to work your current customized blog tools.
With WordPress currently being the software that I use, I thought that I would give
it a try and see what happens.

After several attempts of crashing on Internet Explorer 7.0 Beta 3; I finally got IE to
become stable enough so that I could install the MS version ‘Windows Live Writer’.

The install was very simple and so was the setup process in working with my account and blog site requirements and settings.

MS Live Writer does try to detect automatically your settings, but the only area it was
not able to detect was my ‘remote posting url.

Which was easy to find out, because its the same as the settings.
http://(website address)/xmlrpc.php

Something that i learned today is that there is a process in which WordPress automatically accepts post request based on user authentication.
Which is how the MS Live Writer works.

So basically this is my first attempt at posting via the MS Live Writer.
And just to be safe, I will save a copy of this incase the process does not work.

But if you don’t see a follow up to this post, you’ll know that it worked!!!