New BOX in Place

So last week, I had a visit at Home Depot to purchase some electrical equipment.
During my visit, I walked by the appliances and noticed that they were having a sale.

There it was, our refriderator on sale, the exact one that we need – Shallow Back –> GE Profile Stainless Steel !
Because of the size of our kitchen and where the fridge has to go, the fridge has be shallow (price goes up) and fit just right.

So we were able to purchase the fridge (ice maker and other great toys) and Home Depot would even deliver it for us.

And they did and they honored our request of Wednesday @ 6 AM.

Here is a picture of the fridge in place, click here to view other pictures of the installation.

The water line is connected to the fridge, so now we do have the icemaker / water does work infront of the fridge.
This was also some work because i had to replace the main water line coming from the copper supply line to the sink.
Because the original one was damaged when i tried piercing the hose. So instead I bought a saddle back connector (water line splitter) and am able to direct the water to the sink and to the fridge.

Coming soon are more pictures of the kitchen, water coming from the fridge and cabinet work!