New Toy – LCD TV in the Kitchen

Anne and I recently purchased a new Sharp Aquos 15″ EDTV LCD Television.

Last weekend we finally decided on this model and purchased it through Circuit City (on sale – bonus) though because they were no longer in stock, we had to order it online.
We did the free shipping option, which was standard ground but we received it on Thursday.

Though unfortunately dumbass FED-EX driver didn’t get my message from the night before that I would pick up the package at the service center.
Because there is no one home during the day and therefore no one to sign for it.
So instead the dumbass FED-EX driver left the TV in the box (with picture of tv on it) on the door step and oh it was snowing/raining that day.

Luckily I checked the web site for tracking and noticed that it was left at our front door; ran home and put it inside; luckily not wet and no damage.


So the next step was put up the TV in the Kitchen, we bought the super expensive TV arm, which very flexible and super premium coax cable to go with it. Though I quickly learned that the arm needs to be screwed into a wood stud, of which where we wanted it to go there were no studs, just sheetrock.

So I had to cut a hole in the wall, build a frame and wire the wall. Anne and I took pictures of the whole process. The TV is up and working very well; the only thing left is to move the electrical outlet; sand and paint where the cutout is.

You can see what we did here; take a look at the many pictures….

Here are a picture of the finished area in the kitchen….

Birthday Party Time

Karen, Nate, Anne & I went to dinner Saturday night @ Trunbull Kitchen in Hartford to celebrate.
In February Anne (7th), Mark (21st) & Karen (26th) celebrate birthdays!

Unforuntately some our friends who were invited weren’t able to make it to dinner.
We had a blast at dinner and the food was excellent and so were the drinks.

Before dinner Karen got a big box from Nate; it was a super dupper crafting cart thingy!

Nate & Karen

Click here to view the rest of the pictures from dinner…..

Dave & Denise were able to join us later, for some wonderful Texas Hold’em where Karen made up her owns rules for the game!

Nothing is ever easy!

So I paid off my car recently (Audi) and the check cleared last week. YEAH!
The auto loan company (Chase) said that they would send me my title within 10 business days. Which was great, because at the time I thought that now I have the title and there was nothing else for me to do. WRONG!

The title was printed when the car was purchased, which has my old address!
So now Chase has to send me an update Release of Lien then I’ll have to go the DMV to get a new title.

Let me tell you how excited I am about going to the DMV, if I go early (when they open) one day.
Hopefully it will be painless.

Though in the end the car is paid and I own it!