Fantasy Football

Revised Fantasy Football Team – after two weeks, my record is 1-0-1

QB Peyton Manning, Ind QB
RB Ronnie Brown, Mia RB
RB Kyle Johnson, Den RB
WR Terrell Owens, Phi WR
WR Joe Horn, NO WR
TE Tony Gonzalez, KC TE
OP Carson Palmer, Cin QB
D/ST Cowboys D/ST, Dal
K John Kasay, Car K

Bench Hines Ward, Pit WR
Bench Marcus Robinson, Min WR
Bench Eric Moulds, Buf WR
Bench Keyshawn Johnson, Dal WR
Bench Keary Colbert, Car WR
Bench Antwaan Randle El, Pit WR
Bench Jerald Sowell, NYJ R
Bench Brandon Jacobs, NYG RB

Basement 2

Well unfortunately pictures of the basement won’t be those of it being finished in the laundry room.
We had a small backup in the main sewer line and everything backed up onto the floor in the laundry room.
After two days of cleaning the entire room and having to clean the room twice. Because the first time we didn’t realize the problem was the sewer line. Had a to have a plumber snake through the system with a huge 1 inch thick snake, that was two snakes in one. He went about 32 feet into the pipe line and push out the crap into the street sewer. After having the sewer open for two days, shit does smell like shit, cause it is shit. Though i got used to smell really quick. Props to Anne for finding the water in the basement on Tuesday morning.

Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures of crap/shit on the floor. I realized after i cleaned that i should have taken pictures. Though I did take pictures of the room cleaned and even the bench was clean. (for now).

Now I can focus on finishing the cabinets and eventually putting the carpet on the floor.
(The carpet is used from someone else, so I don’t care if it get ruined. And for the fact that have a washer basin now, and the rubber sealed walls drain into the basin. Which holds allot of water as I found out the hard way.)

Here are some pics:

New Rubber Wall - Sealed by screws into the wall and caulk.
Back Right Corner of the room.
Back Left Corner of the room.
Inside the room, door entrance.
Inside right corner of the room. In front of the storage space under the stairs.


This is when i upgraded my tivo from 40 recording hours to 157 recording hours (basic).
Though technically its something like 80 hours for high, which is the new setting on the tivo.

I was rushing when I did the upgrade, so the picture did not come out well.
It took me about three days to upgrade the tivo.
During that time, I learned allot of things about Linux (and how well it doesn’t work with Windows based file system).

In the end it worked out very well, and I am very happy with it. And I must say the TIVO people are awesome.
There helpdesk is like the best helpdesk ever and Nate can attest to this.


Camping Trip in August 2005

This is the camp fire ring that i built by hand when we first arrived at the campsite.
The old one was small and not very friendly as far as having people site around the fire.

The camp ring took me about 1.5 hours to create from rocks found in the river.
The rocks were brought to me from Anne and Candice taking them from the river bed.

The only instruments that i had available to use were my hands and a hand ax to dig with.

Camp Fire Ring