St. Patrick’s Day 5k Race

Anne, Armando, Dave & Doug did a 5K race in downtown Hartford.

Anne finished with a time of 27 minutes, Arm & Dave with 29 min and Doug was 33 min.

It was a good day and we all had fun….especially me watching everyone run!!!

This is a picture of Anne, Doug, Armando & Dave



This is a picture of Anne finishing the race…


This is a picture of Arm (back left in the blue shirt with the shades) and Dave (left in grey with the shades) finishing the race, which is about 50 feet in front of them. They Tied.



while we were in boston, we stopped at the sam adams brewery and took the tour.
the tour was allot of fun and we got the opportunity for a taste testing, including some beers that are not on the market…..all of the beers were very good. they even gave us a free small glass…see below

this is a picture of the glass that they give you. 6oz? filled with the seasonal white ale