Arch II advances in the playoffs

Arch II (the men’s adult softball team that I coach/manage) won our first softball
playoff in 3 years. Its our first win since we won the championship, 3 years ago.

We are the 6th seed (out of 10), who bet the 3rd see team, 7-1 tonight.

We now advanced onto the 2nd round which is a best of 3 series.

We’ll know who we play tomorrow morning.

Stay tunned.


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AND just bought an IPHONE, which i do like….yeah cause now he can text message!!!

Baby Visit

Anne and I hosted a small gathering of friends;
of which Nate and Karen brought Eve (Evangeline) &
Tara and Augie brought Brady

both babies were really quite and sleept most of the time; or they were eating…
Brady had this really cool bouncy thing that ran on batteries, i guess it puts you to sleep.

We took some pictures during the gathering, anne and I did get some cuddle time with Eve.

Nate got ahold of the camera and took some funny pictures;

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Mark holding Eve (as of 6/30/07 was 1 week old):

Anne holding Eve:

Anne and I's relaxing trip to Vermont

For our 4th wedding anniversay weekend; we went to vermont to relax at a house in the middle of nowhere; which was a great thing and very relaxing; hopefully we go back up soon, becuase it was very nice and the weather was great!!!

click here to view some pictures of our weekend;

we went to the harpoon brewery and had a tour and tasting; very good

we also went to a place where glass is melted and shaped in several different types of shapes for use in your home…

the metal conatiner in the back is full of beer….ummmmmmmmm BEER!!!

Red Sox Game on 6/16/2007

Anne and I got tickets to the Red Sox game on 6/16/2007

I really wanted to go to this game to see Barry Bonds; who did end up playing and being
in the whole game. I actually like Bonds; but while at the game, I have never heard Fenway be so loud; it was the loudest that I have ever heard it and fans were yelling, ‘Steroids’. Ever at bat, everyone stood and then started yelling; there quit a few giants and pirates fans; but they were severally out numbered.

In the Sox won the game; it was a very good game;
click here to see some pictures from the game: