Bye Bye Exchange Hosting on & Hello Gmail!!!

Well, I have been thinking about making the switch from and the exchange hosting package that had with them to either Google or Hotmail (live mail) from Microsoft.

I decided to go with Gmail because of the speed and flexibility including the ability to incorporate my domain into Gmail.

I basically decided to get away from and there exchange hosting package because I was experiencing too many problems. Such as maybe 25% of the time was i able to log into the OWA. This became very annoying very quickly, I often found myself on the phone with person from India who did not understand my problem. I rarely got someone on the phone who was able to understand me and have good enough English to help me. Most time I was told to clear my cache. I am not sure what this had to do with me being able to log in and then get the ‘page cannot be found’ theme.

Some of the other problems i ran into was reading email was slow when switching from email to email. I got to comfortable as i was keeping all of my email in folders. Though Google handles this very with there ‘label’ system and intelligent email search.

I have also been told by the support team that the next version of the OWA was going to be offered by the end of this calendar year (2007). Though i decided not to wait, especially since i have to renew my contract every 3 months and it was going to be up for renewal in December. Though I must admit does offer the best exchange hosting prices on the Internet.

Don?t get me wrong i still like for their hosting services. The packages are offered at a decent price and i have never had any problems with up time or anything.

I currently have the business Linux package, as i use wordpress for my blogging tool.

Oh, the problem, if i haven’t mentioned it yet was that the exchange site was constantly unavailable.

Well that is enough for now…more later on how well my experience is with Gmail.

Disgusting Offense

NY Giants

Ok, so not only was i completely wrong about the score of the game last week.

I started watching the other game on during the same, which was buffalo and jacksonville.

Not does the Giants offense complete suck, maybe its time to get rid of Tom Coughlin.

Change is a good thing!

NO Offense!!!

NY Giants  

Again, another week with no offense, its a wonder how the Giants continue to win.

With out there defense and sloppy play by oposing QBs, I am not sure how many more games they can win.

The Giants need offense against the vikings this week, as the Giants secondary is very volnerable to big plays!!!

My prediction: Giants 27 – Vikings 21


NY Giants 

After last week’s horrible display of play calling and at least 3 delay of games on offensive, tom coughlin needs to go.

The defensive is starting to show positive signs while the offensive struggles.

I am curious to see how well they do in Detroit, they should win by 10.