Music and Movies

Today I learned some really great news, the band Tool is coming out with a new album this spring maybe even sooner. Its a follow up to there last album ‘Lateralus’;
I am very excited to hear this album, all of there albums have been excellent; basically perfect.
I have heard that this one is slightly heavier, sounds good to me.


I am wondering what series of movies is better now that Transporter 2 just came out.
I recently watched it and was very very happy with the movie and the way its was directed/produced.
Jason Statham is awesome in these movies; he is also in the Italian Job (another good movie).
Not to mention in Transporter 2; the car that he drives and is really perfectly modified.
It was a fully loaded and then some Audi A8!

We all know that ‘Shawshank Redemption’ is basically the best movie ever.
Though Die Hard is an excellent series, currently a trilogy, but they are in the process of making a Die Hard 4.
Which in rumorville is possibly coming out this year (2006); very exciting.

If another Transporter is created; then we’ll have something to really talk about!

Cheap New Stereo

Well since the old stereo’s left channel died and the stereo was no longer able to be used.
And until the Bose system is purchased we have aquired a new temporarly system.
It works well, including while I was watching “Transporter 2” on Monday.
Which is an execellent movie and I recommend watching. Not much bass, but I might aquire a small subwoofer, though it depends on when the Bose system is purchased.