door problem identified…

our front door has not been working well for awhile and the reason is:


the internal hinge which holds the spring came lose from being within the hole.

this a design flaw in the pin holding the spring in place. since the front door is used constantly the hinge receives constant use… the pin should have a clip on each end holding the pin place….also the spring should be much stronger than it is…

5 minutes later the spring and the door hinge is back into one piece and working well…

Photo Gallery Updated!

I have recently been experiecing problems with my photo gallery archive.

So i decided it was time for an update.

Zenphoto ( has the best photo gallery tool for blogging. Recently zenphoto came out with a new version. I updated to the newest with ease, the hardest part is updating the config file which takes 5 minutes.

one of the milestones in the future is to take the account info. from being in a plain text file to a table format, which is much better. that release is hopefully in jan ’08.

check it out:

here is my updated and fixed archive – photo gallery:

enjoy!!! more pictures coming soon of recent events….