Guess Who ???

This is me at work dressed in a brand new body suit for use in training how to handle a client who has become unstable or out of control during a session. The body suit is colored to know where and where not to hit someone, green is good, yellow is not good and red is a very bad place to hit!!!

body suit

body suit


For the most part of this week (June 11th) I have been in Atlanta, GA at a Criminal Justice Technology Conference.
The conference has been excellent and very informative, its very interesting to see what other states and territories (Canada) are doing.

Everyone is very friendly here, more than in the north; even the homeless (not bums, they are very well dressed) are extremely friendly and very helpful with directions.

I only had a couple of chances to site see while in ATL because the conference has sessions all day long.
And after 5pm, everything (attractions) are basically closed, so I had a chance Tuesday morning to walk around the city.

Click here are the pictures that I took:

This is me, at a CNN Desk within the CNN Center:

Atlanta, GA