Bye Bye Exchange Hosting on & Hello Gmail!!!

Well, I have been thinking about making the switch from and the exchange hosting package that had with them to either Google or Hotmail (live mail) from Microsoft.

I decided to go with Gmail because of the speed and flexibility including the ability to incorporate my domain into Gmail.

I basically decided to get away from and there exchange hosting package because I was experiencing too many problems. Such as maybe 25% of the time was i able to log into the OWA. This became very annoying very quickly, I often found myself on the phone with person from India who did not understand my problem. I rarely got someone on the phone who was able to understand me and have good enough English to help me. Most time I was told to clear my cache. I am not sure what this had to do with me being able to log in and then get the ‘page cannot be found’ theme.

Some of the other problems i ran into was reading email was slow when switching from email to email. I got to comfortable as i was keeping all of my email in folders. Though Google handles this very with there ‘label’ system and intelligent email search.

I have also been told by the support team that the next version of the OWA was going to be offered by the end of this calendar year (2007). Though i decided not to wait, especially since i have to renew my contract every 3 months and it was going to be up for renewal in December. Though I must admit does offer the best exchange hosting prices on the Internet.

Don?t get me wrong i still like for their hosting services. The packages are offered at a decent price and i have never had any problems with up time or anything.

I currently have the business Linux package, as i use wordpress for my blogging tool.

Oh, the problem, if i haven’t mentioned it yet was that the exchange site was constantly unavailable.

Well that is enough for now…more later on how well my experience is with Gmail.

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