Today @ the Gym

Today was a decent day at the Gym, probably going back tomorrow.
Though not much to look at as far as scenery.

I am going to try Spinning, they have this spinning class that is suppose to help you with cardio.
I figure that it will with playing soccer on thursdays, so we’ll see.

I start Friday @ 6pm, hopefully i will make it through the whole class.
I have to go early to learn and prepare myself, I can bring two water bottles. (cause that is what the bike will hold.)
And a towel, because i guess you get stinky after riding.
(at least the women who i see leave the class, look all wet when they cum (sorry come) into the gym, and they sweat too!!!)

I am curious to see how well it goes and to see who also is in the class.

And for all you who think that this is gay, there are plenty of guys who go.
And for that fact, i can’t of ONE male FRIEND that I have that is currently going to the gym or even BELONGS to one.
(not true, there are a couple of guys at work, i can deal with that.)

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