Music and Movies

Today I learned some really great news, the band Tool is coming out with a new album this spring maybe even sooner. Its a follow up to there last album ‘Lateralus’;
I am very excited to hear this album, all of there albums have been excellent; basically perfect.
I have heard that this one is slightly heavier, sounds good to me.


I am wondering what series of movies is better now that Transporter 2 just came out.
I recently watched it and was very very happy with the movie and the way its was directed/produced.
Jason Statham is awesome in these movies; he is also in the Italian Job (another good movie).
Not to mention in Transporter 2; the car that he drives and is really perfectly modified.
It was a fully loaded and then some Audi A8!

We all know that ‘Shawshank Redemption’ is basically the best movie ever.
Though Die Hard is an excellent series, currently a trilogy, but they are in the process of making a Die Hard 4.
Which in rumorville is possibly coming out this year (2006); very exciting.

If another Transporter is created; then we’ll have something to really talk about!

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