Time to make the Donuts

I was watching CNN this morning and found out at Michael Vale died yesterday.
Michael Vale the guy who did the commericals for Dunkin Donuts for 15 years, plus he made 1,300 other TV commericals.
“Time to make the Donuts”

I will have a picture of Michael Vale tonight!

Why is this important because for 3+ years of my life during high school I worked there.
Which included working several nights shifts and multiple shifts.
(though at the time it was decent pay; sort of; actually not really for all of the things that i did and the constant headaches)

During my last year or so there, I learned how to make the donuts; which at the time were made from SCRATCH.
As opposed to now, where everything is frozen then warmed in the oven.
(The bagels have always been frozen, never that great either.)

Oh and by the way the donuts are NOT good for you either and the sanitary conditions in the back room at the time weren’t great. (Don’t think that I need to elaborate because its disgusting to even think about it – did i mention that we used to have doughnut fights in which the dough often times would end up on the walls. Or the time we did shooting constants (horse) in which the deep fryer was the basket where the dough would land, sometimes.)

Enjoy your Donut and Coffee!

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